De Veluwe (Veluwezoom)

The Netherlands, Veluwe

The Netherlands, De Veluwe

We don’t always travel outside of The Netherlands, there is plenty to see in our own country. I myself always find it hard to see the beauty of my own country. Because I’ve lived here my whole life everything becomes “normal” in my eyes. Of course The Netherlands has many things to offer.

Holland is a country without mountain, hill or bevel.
That’s quite alarming if you consider we’re all below sea level.
The terrain is large, flat and rather featureless you see,
that’s what happens when most of it is reclaimed from the sea.
But never underestimate its importance in the euro zone.
After all it’s where the most beutiful tulips are grown.
Oh… and calling it Holland can make the locals quite stressed.
It’s the Netherlands, not just that province to the West.
Tourists often come for a weekend full of booze.
But leave with a pair of souvenir wooden shoes.
The drugs here are legal and can provide a lot of thrills.
But is there really anything better than visiting one of the many windmills?
During the winter the climate can be cold and rather freezing.
But the Dutch, they do not mind. They find this rather pleasing.
In fact, the Dutch spend the whole summer waiting.
For the winter, Elfstedentocht, and a chance of ice skating.
I like living in Holland. I think it is very pleasant and rather nice.
Even considering Amsterdam is overrun and controlled by mice.
But never forget that the country is completely flat.
And if the dykes ever break, we’ll all get een beetje nat!
– Stuart (

This time we went to a place only 45 minutes away from our house but I’ve never been in this part before! We went to De Veluwe (Veluwezoom) and it’s a national park with deers, boars and other wildlife (if you can find them). You can walk freely here, there are paths but if you want to you may stray off from this path and wander around yourself through the forest, they do warn you not to walk after sunset though, you can still walk but it’s at your own risk then. We’ve walked from dusk ’till dawn and it was still not enough for me. To be honest I’ve never seen my country like this before and I have to say I’m impressed.

We stayed at a hotel in the middle of the woods (Mennorode), this hotel is also a rehabilitation facility for elderly people. This doesn’t matter to us because we only sleep there and that’s it, I know that there are people who rather have fancy hotels with young public, we don’t belong in that category. of course there are also unique rooms for rent throughout De Veluwe which you can also find on the website in the link in the previous paragraph.

below are the pictures that I’ve taken when we spend 2 days in this national park. Hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and would appreciate some feedback.