France! Je m’apelle omelette du fromage! haha sorry all, this came to mind because our whole class filled that in, in a test in high school on all the questions, because we just didn’t get it (history class haha), our whole class had a grade 1, aaah the good times.

Well on to the holiday in France. We have been there a few times when we were young, for holiday and of course Disney Land. For now I’ll write a little about the last trip in 2010 with our family and more people from my family, yup this a real family trip.

We went to a  place which I don’t remember the name of but it was close to Moustier somewhere in the southwest of France, it’s small and pretty much in the mountains. We were close to a few lakes and our camping was next to the river, or better our tent was next to the river. The evenings were so so so cold that we decided to move our tents a little further from the river. It was around 5 or 6 degrees at night and we didn’t expect that at all, in the first place we didn’t even expected to end up in a place like that. The camping itself had 2 sides, one with electricity and the other without. We tried without but it was so cold that we were longing for coffee and tea. We turned our toaster into a heater for our feet and so on. We got to many little places including a castle high in the mountains with lovely streets and small cafés with a view over a lot of green land.

We rented a little boat with a motor with a top speed of 4 km per hour! yay! this so chill that went to another village with the boat grabbed some ice cream and headed back to sea and we just drifted and drifted, took some dives and had a blast.

The river that was going through our camping was ice cold, as cold as water at a waterfall. We followed the river for about 25 minutes into the woods during that we also passed a tree with some flowers and a note, yep someone died there 4 years ago and there you are walking with your family from the age 7 to 19. Some wanted to go back but eventually we walked passed it. Then we came to the end of the river which was the beginning of a lake, we jumped from the river into the lake and swam to the sides, 10 minutes later our parents arrived with the car and food! (always need food) We rented a kayak and explored the big lake. around the corner there was a little island, that’s how we called it but it was basically a pile of sand with some grass on it, we got on land and spend the day there all by ourselves.

I can’t remember the place where we visited some waterfalls in the woods but in the photos below you can see some of it, it was also a river going through the woods which eld to many small ponds where you could swim, when we went uphill for about 15 minutes, looking down from the top we saw that on the other side of the mountain was a larger waterfall, there was no path leading to it so we made one ourselves and got down to the waterfall, we jumped in from a branch and in 2 seconds we went out because we didn’t feel our legs anymore so cold haha.

spending a holiday with family is so great, you think you now your family but wait until you see them on holiday! I recommend doing this at least once! with more family members!