Summer dreaming!

Croatia!, it’s a land that was in war not too long ago 1991-1995 (ok it’s 20 years ago now but it sounds like it was yesterday). When we first went here in I think 2004 the economy was still in a recovery state. You could definitely see and feel that the war really did something to the land, the economy but mostly the people. People were very distant but when you started talking they became more and more friendly and even invited you sometimes for a drink. I remember well when I was in the backseat we drove through land that was literally brought down to the ground, houses were destroyed and in every building there were bullet holes, some even the size of a bowling ball, it really impressed me even though I was still very young. 

On to the camping part. the first 2 years we went to the same camping because it felt really good and there was enough to do for us little rascals haha. In total we went 4-5 times to Croatia, at that time it was pretty cheap to go with the tent, we had 3 weeks for 600 euro, the costs for dinner outside and all other things weren’t that expensive, we could go out for dinner with 5 of us for less then 20 euro, you won’t find that anywhere else in Europe anymore. The camping we were on was Vestar in Rovinj and it was just a small camping (it’s pretty big now) by the sea. Oh yea forgot to mention, we always picked a camping by the sea, because that was the only time we could actually go to the beach, the beaches here don’t have sand but rocks, it was weird and the first year I had to get used to it, but to be honest I prefer rocks over sand now. The sea, well what to say. In Europe there isn’t a sea like the sea around Croatia! it’s so clear blue and when snorkelling it’s just amazing, it feels so refreshing to dive into this sea. We spend days and days in the sea never coming out of it haha, we had every possible inflatable animal and boats I think we had like 8 of those with us, so enough to play with.

The cities in Croatia are gorgeous and so relax to walk through, by now you have shopping streets everywhere but it didn’t have that when we were there. It was all very basic. Once we sat at a café outside and suddenly the waiters were bringing all the chairs and tables inside like crazy and we were like “why, it’s so sunny and warm” and yup within 5 minutes we had a storm so hard all the streets were flooded, the rain didn’t stop and the break between the flashes and thunder were less then 2 secs… so it was pretty close. All the lights in the city were out and it was total darkness, I was actually enjoying it and laughing. 15 minutes later it was all clear and at the end of the day everything was dry again of the warmth.

We toured a lot with the car because my dad likes to drive, so we’ve seen quite a few things here. I remember the bigger city Pula. it almost looked a little bit like Barcelona but it wasn’t that big again. There is this beautiful Roman amphitheatre which is one of the few that is in a very good state with all four walls and all statues preserved. Festivals and concerts are given here, we were lucky enough to witness Jimmy Cliff & Jack Johnson playing here so we saw the whole concert for free. The currency is Kuna by the way I didn’t mention that yet.

In our last year we made a trip all the way to the Plitvice lakes. Because it’s such a long trip right before you enter the area you can stay and sleep at peoples houses they all offer a room for maybe 15 euro for a night. We went really early in the morning I don’t know exactly how early but we were like fourth in line to enter that morning. We walked all day long till it was 4pm. When you enter the first thing you’ll see are multiple waterfalls coming together in one river which makes you only more and more excited. After that you go down and down and just walk every path there is, there’s also a little ferry to bring you to the other side of the lake which we took of course. This national park is a must see! You’ll see the pictures when you scroll down.

This was the last time we went to Croatia but it was amazing to have experienced these things at such a young age, not everyone is privileged to do or see these things, that’s why I’m very grateful that my parents did these things even though they didn’t have that much money (which of course I had no idea off when I was little, I thought they had all the money in the world)

enjoy some of the photos that I could find.


    1. Thank you for reading! there is so much to see in this world that everything becomes part of the “to visit list” haha. The coast of Croatia is gorgeous, the sea is clear blue. A drive through the country, some places still have visible war scars, like bullet holes in buildings, half buildings etc. very intriguing and of course the famous waterfalls of Plitvice Lake absolutely stunning.

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