In our younger years we always went camping, back to basics! (with a cellphone). We always stayed in Europe and toured with the car I didn’t actually fly until I was 15 or 16.

The feeling you get when you’re camping is out of this world, you will never feel as free on this planet as when you’re out camping, you are literally 24/7 outside in the nature and it feels great not to feel the stress that our society is so good at in creating.

Under Europe you’ll find posts up to the year 2010, after this I went to other parts of the world, since I have to fill up some pages I thought I’d start with the camping experiences in Europe and how much fun those times were.

For people planning to visit Europe, on you can find a lot of information about Europe (also other parts in the world)

If you’re more into the “hidden gems” in Europe you might wanna check out this site it gives a lot of information about the hidden gems in Europe which even I didn’t know about (of course there’s a lot I still don’t know about)

“Time is irrelevant and space is all yours, feel free, be free”