England & Scotland

England & Scotland

Finally I have time! This will be about our trip to England & Scotland.

So this journey (holiday) starts with the car. It has been a few years since we last took a trip with the car. We booked tickets for the boat (link for booking) to Dunkirk in France. This was cheaper than any other place to get the boat/ferry to Dover.

The actual plan was to go with my dad to a cycling tour festival (Eroica Britannia) but the rest of the family thought “why not make a holiday out if it” so eventually we went with the whole family. So first of all, these silly english people drive on the left side, so for us (and a whole bunch of other people in the world) it feels a bit weird to drive on the left. My dad drove the car and sometimes went to right lane… ghost rider. We spend 3 days on the camping and 1 day was a tour ride of 50 miles (88km) on old bikes. Of course my dad and I trained a lot before we headed to this tour… not. Well we finished the tour in 8 hours lol, my god these hills are killing me, not a single piece of flat-ness to be seen in the gorgeous Peak District National Park. The tour and the National Park are astonishing, so gorgeous and quiet. We did had to buy rain boots and all the first day, in 2 weeks it had rained… e-ve-ry-day lol and it was cold in a tent brrr. The festival itself is for all ages! it’s fun, there are workshop for kids, music, beer and all this in 70’s style! even the people are dressed like the 70’s.

So after this festival we headed up north to Carlisle for a quick stop and then all the way to Scotland to Gretna Green. We stayed here for a night in a home we found through Airbnb. I have to say it’s pretty expensive all the Airbnb’s we were actually shocked about the high prices, but then this man explained to us why it’s so expensive, the people need to pay some sort of amount per month otherwise they’re not allowed to rent their place or something.

After this we went on to the left and we actually stayed in the south of Scotland because we had so little time to go all the way up north (we also had to drive back home of course). We crossed and stopped in little places like Annan (we visited the Annandale distillery here), Powfoot, Glencaple, New Abbey, Rockcliffe, Palnackie, Dalbeattie, Castle Douglas, Crossmichael, Parton and eventually we landed at the Galloway Forest Park!! I have taken so many pictures here, this is the rough Scotland nature that I had in mind! The Galloway Forest is 777 square km and has UK’s very first Dark Sky Park (if you’re interested in the sky). There a few different roads through the forest you can take, we took one which was 10 miles long (16km) this road is for everyone (2 way) hikers, cyclists and cars. One more thing to add is that you can wild camp in Scotland! so bring your tent and pop it up at a spot. To be honest We’ve walked from morning till sunset in the forest and I still had the feeling that we didn’t start yet. I could walk for days.

Next we spend on a camping Loch Ken Holiday Park. We were here during a work week. We had 4 days for 98 pound! with a tent and the whole campsite for ourselves with a view over the lake! compared to an Airbnb (around 120 pound per night) this was so flippin’ cheap. The nights were cold though we already had to retreat inside the tent at 4pm lol. In this area we explored some more and found some red kite look outs. We found a farm where they feed the red kites every afternoon (Bellymack Hill Farm). At first I thought where is this road going no one’s to be seen here but after we arrived at the farm it became busier closer to the feeding time. This farm is held by a woman her sister and a dog. it’s just a normal home you step into with a few tables and outside the lookout. Her sister feeds the red kites. Any small donation is welcome since they have to support the lookout and food for the red kites themselves.

We left this area and we were looking for other things to see in the neighbourhood. We saw a waterfall picture and we looked it up (hoping it was around the corner) and it was, it was in Moffat. This town also has a dark sky park, the streets of Moffat have adapted street lights so it minimises the light pollution (for photographers very important!). We headed to the waterfall and there weren’t many tourists! I think like 8 cars were there. You can see the waterfall from the ground, but you can hike up the mountain to get to the top of the waterfall. The hike is 1,3mile (2km) but going up the mountain it feels like 100 mile. There are no railings to hold on to, only a small path of 20 inch or so (50cm). once we were half way we heard a crazy loud noise (like in “oh shit the mountains are cracking”) so we looked back and saw an airforce jet flying through the valley! and we were above the jet looking down on it! that was really something, after that multiple planes came through all military jets.

This was our last place in Scotland and we had to head back into England because our boat doesn’t wait for us. We had 2 more days so we spend one day at Lake District National Park at toured around the gorgeous nature and the lake at Wasdale Head. Next we stopped in Oxford! city of colleges, university’s and scene locations of Harry Potter! it’s truly a fun city to walk through very lively, of course we took some shots of Harry Potter locations too hehe. Then it was really over, we headed back to Dover to hop on the boat again back to Dunkirk and drive all the way back to home again.

I might have missed some things in this journey of typing but doing so much in 2 weeks this often recalls for some brainstorming “hmmm what did we see again”.

Hope you enjoyed reading and watching the pictures. I’m trying to become a “pro” photographer. Down below you’ll find more photos of England & Scotland.

Cheers and I’d love to hear feedback or if you have anything else to say about England or Scotland let me hear it! share, share, share!