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Nova Scotia

Today I’m going to write about Canada and to be precise the Nova Scotia area on the east side of the country. My uncle who lives in Spain said he wanted to go to Canada last year, and since we already went with him to the USA before it wasn’t a hard decision to make, my uncle booked early in februari so he got tickets for around 600 euro, me and my sister on the other hand had to save a little bit more money so we booked later that year and it was quite expensive, I think we paid around 880 euro for a ticket (yes per person) we were going with 6 other people who were from Germany and they knew my uncle from his bar in Gran Canaria. 

We met in Düsseldorf at the airport where we had a stopover and lucky for us we all had the same flight so it was extra fun. The flight went well and as usual I didn’t get any sleep at all (anyone has the same problem that they can’t sleep while flying?).

We were picked up by the daughter of one of the guys that we were with, she lives there and we right away rented our car/mini van for the next 3 weeks. Car rental is very very expensive, it was almost 1800 euro for the 3 weeks, of course we were with 8 people so we split the costs. This was by far the most expensive thing during the holiday. All the food, rooms, and other things we kept track of so that we could later pay everything back that was easier for us all.

We have seen half of Nova Scotia, the south part we didn’t have enough time for that but the first week we spend in Nova Scotia, through Airbnb we found our first stay, somewhere near Halifax close to the harbour we slept here for 2 days and it was around 120 dollar, 15 dollar per person for 2 nights isn’t that bad right! We visites the harbour and spend the days walking around in the city, we went up and down and tried every cafe, literally every 15 minutes we picked a cafe and just sat there with some drinks and then some walking again. We went end of July till August, the weather at that time is perfect!

Like I said we started in Halifax, then we went down a little and rented a house with 5 bedrooms in Peggy’s Cove for one day. After that we headed to Ketch Harbour and made a trip to the beach Crystal Crescent Beach and lay there for half a day, there are 3 beaches after the third one you can go into the national park, entering is at your own risk though because it’s not being maintained by the government, we went into that park just a little but it wasn’t really walkable on flip flops haha. Heading back we visited Lunenburg for a short time. The day after we decided to go to Cape Breton island which is all the way in the north and has many gorgeous spots for whale watching, trail hiking and national parks.

Came Breton Hiking trail

We drove on highways with so little traffic it’s just such a great feeling that no one buggers you like in the big cities, you’ll go right into zen mode! We stayed on highway 105 and made little stops every now and then, in Kingsville, then we went along the coast line for a few hours and it’s just a beautiful and relax scenery while driving. We made a stop in Wreck cove for ice cream (yay!) and then went to Ingonish and slept there for the night. The next day we were already up early so we could drive into the Cape Breton Highlands national park and we hiked all day through the rough and gorgeous nature. We walked the 9km trail and I think we spend almost 4 hours walking to the top and going back again. I never ever wear climbing shoes I just walk on sneakers or my converse because they are the most comfortable and my feet are already used to these kind off shoes, so it’s better not to wear climbing shoes if you’ve never been wearing ones before (unless you’ve trained before going on holiday) otherwise you’ll just hurt your feet because they are not accustomed to your feet. From here on out we went to the next place Pleasant Bay which is already on west coast side of Cape Breton. A little bit of stretching and walking around and then on to our next stop Chéticamp! we rented a house at sea, it was a small yellow wooden house surrounded by grass and trees and in front of it was the little cliff where the sea was. See here the photo I made through the window and it looks just like painting!


these kind of views only existed in films to me but I knew better now, I wasn’t dreaming. I was laying there in the grass staring at the sea and thought “wow if this was my life I would be totally happy”. Our next short stop was Inverness, just a little pretty town where it was pretty windy at sea, yes I even needed to wear a jacket in 20 degrees. We went whale watching here on a zodiac. I suggest if you go whale watching you just take the zodiac and not big boat with 100 tourists on it! The zodiac has room for maybe 10 persons and it’s perfect for getting close up to the whales. As soon as the captain (or you) spots a whale he can immediately turn his zodiac around go to that place, a big boat just goes out to sea and stands still on the same place for 45 minutes and that’s it, the zodiac really brings you closer to the whale and the sea. You can actually feel their presence and they’re majestic!

Back in Nova Scotia we went to Antigonish to New Glasgow and ended up in Pictou. It’s a pretty little town with a nice harbour and great food. Next stop was Tatamagouche (I find all these names really weird they all sound so Indian). We saw there was an old train station transformed into a motel/bed and breakfast and booked our night there.


That night we had just a little bit too much fun at the cafe and spend well over 450 euro *yikes, so the next we started our day with water and bread… no just kidding but we did spend a little too much but we blame the alcohol haha. So we packed up and went to Stewiacke and on to Halifax again to end our trip in Nova Scotia.

Going to the west

So we left Nova Scotia, and went to the west to Quebec, Montréal and Toronto and of course some places in between. The first stop outside of Nova Scotia was Fredericton, a quiet town where we just went in for some drinks and food. Then we headed for a place called Mont-Joli, this is also at the coast line called Saint Lawrence. We spend the night in a little motel by the sea, it was extremely cold over here compared to the sunny Nova Scotia. From here on out we went south to Saint-Germain and on to Quebec, Everything is so French, the city, the streets and cafés are french, filled with life, flowers and an amazing harbour.


We took the ferry to get to the big city, you can see a huge building from across the river but I don’t know what kind of building it was but I did take a lot of pictures of it because it was that huge.


The city is full of life and noise and there’s enough to see and do, like museums, galleries, markets, festivals and many more events that you’ll just have to see in the agenda when you’re there. When we were there it was extra busy because the Rolling Stones were playing that night, unfortunately we didn’t go there, would’ve have loved to though.

Next stop was Montréal. The second language in Canada is French by the way. On our way we did stop in some little villages where people could only speak French, so we did have a bit of a problem there since not one of us could speak French and don’t think that they’re gonna speak english… they don’t, so you’ll have to talk in body language and wave your hands (in the air like you just don’t care lol). I can’t really remember that day though, you’re doing so much in so little time, sometimes you really live in that moment and you’ll forget it afterwards, or it’s just my bad memory haha. The next day we rolled down to Thousand Island Park, here we took a trip on a boat for 2 hours or so. On this tour you’ll see all the little island that exist here and all the people that have money and with that I mean people just buy these little islands and live there (hallelujah who wouldn’t want that). It’s great to be at sea every once in while, I’m really someone that needs the sea so I was glad we took the roads that were always close to the waters. After Thousand Island we headed to Kingston.


This place is so great and a lot of young people live here though when you first enter you wouldn’t say that. Of course we walked to the harbour again and later that night we had dinner at Lone Star Texas Grill! hmmm This was the best place so far where we had dinner, everything is in Texas style and the waiters/waitresses all wear cowboy-ish outfits and all of them are super gorgeous haha. This was definitely a great town to spend the night I really loved it.

Our last stop was Toronto. Most of the time during our holiday we spend in quiet nature, so back to the city was weird, I’m not that into these big cities and prefer the nature but for our last 3 days we decided to stay in Toronto because my uncle and the rest were flying back to Spain the next day while my sister and me had an extra 2 days left. So we decided to wander around in the big city and maybe shop for a while, it turned into shopping 24/7 haha. I’m not used to these big cities with skyscrapers so when I walk there I feel so small and to think that I’m already small of myself (1,61 meter). The vibe in the city is great we went to the aquarium, we went up the CN tower and of course we ate a lot.

In between these days we also went to the Niagara falls! you can’t really skip this if you’re going to Canada. Even though it’s like Disney Land at the falls you just gotta try and focus on the falls instead of the tourists if you can. There are approximately 12 million tourists per year that visit the Falls, so go calculate how many it is a day… it’s the only thing you’ll see, tourists left, tourists right, tourists arm in your face but it’s aaall worth it! we booked our room with view over the Falls, it’s so nice to wake up early to the sound of the waterfalls.

Niagara Falls

With this said our journey came to an end too soon and before we knew we were on our way back to The Netherlands *cries

I hope you enjoy reading my stories and can get a good rest and laughter. Here are some more photos to enjoy.





    1. Thank you 🙂 Canada’s nature is astonishing and people are so friendly compared to european peeps haha we did have some trouble in a little place Mont-Joli because they spoke french lol and I don’t haha so it was all hand and body gestures but I had a great great time in Canada! I think I made around 4000 photos in 3 weeks. it took me quite some time to sort out all the photos 🙂

      1. ah Quebec can be very hard to get around in, all the small villages have no English, so annoying! oh well, it improves your hand gestures 🙂 I’m sure the rest of the photos are stunning, you are a great photographer and captured the east coast beautifully.

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