Begin to edit in Lightroom CC & Photoshop CC

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Lightroom CC & Photoshop CC

I’ve been editing with Photoshop & Lightroom for a while now and I know the basics, yay! Now that I’m studying photography I’m getting more and more into these two Adobe programs.

Recently I’ve tried to apply the ‘Frequency Separation’ technique on multiple portrait shots that I took. It’s fun once you start to learn how it’s done. Of course you can also download the action file and load it into photoshop, press the play button and it does all the layer work for you but I think it’s good if you really know how to build it from scratch. Let’s start with some basic stuff.

Lightroom CC

Let’s start with the beginning. I always shoot RAW, never JPG. Next I load all my photos onto my external harddisk and I import them into Lightroom (during import I usually add it to a collection straight away, which is an option on the right side of the import screen). Next I scroll through the images and ‘flag’ all the images that seem ‘ok’ with me (press P to flag a photo, you can filter on the right side later) I then make slight adjustments like the shadows, highlights, black and whites etc. After this I right click on the image and select ‘edit in photoshop’.

Photoshop CC

Here I do all sorts of things… but I usually start with the Curves adjustment layer. Adjust the image to your liking or get a reference photo from a photographer you like and try to get as close as possible as that. I’m sometimes still confused about how masking really works but I do know the basics of it, I just have to get used to this workflow now.

If you like portraits then I suggest you try and apply the ‘frequency separation’ technique. You can find a dozen of videos on youtube but here’s one of the few techniques that you can use (you can use multiple tools). I’ve actually never used the mixed brush before but it seems like it’s working so I might give that a try (I normally use the ‘patch’ tool and ‘spot’ healing).

This is just a short introduction of what I’m doing right now. I can literally spend 3 hours on one photo. Don’t forget to follow me on my new IG account where I upload my photos @jorihaarphotography and if you have any questions feel free to ask πŸ™‚

Here are a few music tips (yes I try to keep doing this at the end of every new post, I didn’t do it at the last two I believe)

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  1. I have only recently just got my head around Lightroom. Photoshop seems very scary in comparison. I will one day get it though and then learn via YouTube. Just need to save up as it’s quite expensive.

    1. ah cool! I have to say that you could also use Photoshop instead of lightroom. Photoshop has its own RAW converter build in πŸ™‚ Lightroom is just a slightly more advanced package which is purely build for RAW formats. I use Lightroom because I’m just used to it and I use it as a database for my photos but there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Adobe Photoshop RAW converter, they are both excellent. The one and only good YouTube teacher for me is Phlearn, he knows everything. Photoshop is really fun!! you can go as far as your imagination goes. It is indeed expensive! it’s cheaper if you’re a student xD I pay 20 euro a month for all of the Adobe software.