Instagram photography account, it’s a fresh start

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Instagram 24/7

So I have made an Instagram photography account next to my personal. Since I’m studying photography I thought it would be ok to actually make a photography account haha. I will post photos here that I have made for the past few years and of course photos that I shoot now.

Here is my photography account > @jorihaarphotography

Follow me here if you like photography or like to look at pictures in general 🙂 Everybody’s welcome.

If you are interested in photography (or traveling) then I suggest you follow my blog hehehe 😉 share your story & tips with me and all other followers!

And here is another music tip. From his new album The Search for Everything, a little bit of good old John Mayer 🙂

This might be fun to read


  1. Your instagram looks good! What kind of photography are you most in? Looks like you’re gonna be good at everything 🙂

    1. Hiya Michaela! At the moment I’m more into landscape and animals. Now that I’m a few weeks into the study I start to like other things like portraits (I’ve always loved to look at portraits). What we learn at school is to really develop yourself instead of just how to take “good” photos, we get very diverse assignments, the speed in which we have to learn things is really really high and when you need to step out of your comfort zone you don’t really have the time to think about it 🙂

      1. This is cool 🙂 I love portrait photography. Well, that’s pretty the same what they teach at our school just you seem to know the technical stuff too, which is something most of our photography schools leave out 🙂
        Well, yes, my blog is 🙂

        1. nice, I think most photography schools have their own opinion on what “photography” stands for. For some it’s technique and others it’s feeling, being creative etc. 🙂 I followed your blog and IG ^^

          1. You’re right. Just feels like one can never be a real pro unless they’ve mastered both. That’s our fight I guess 🙂 Thanks! Same here 😉