Begin to edit in Lightroom CC & Photoshop CC

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Lightroom CC & Photoshop CC

I’ve been editing with Photoshop & Lightroom for a while now and I know the basics, yay! Now that I’m studying photography I’m getting more and more into these two Adobe programs.

Recently I’ve tried to apply the ‘Frequency Separation’ technique on multiple portrait shots that I took. It’s fun once you start to learn how it’s done. Of course you can also download the action file and load it into photoshop, press the play button and it does all the layer work for you but I think it’s good if you really know how to build it from scratch. Let’s start with some basic stuff.

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WordPress app can redirect to wrong page (4 min read)

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WordPress app notice!

Is anyone here using the WordPress app on either tablet or phone? Well I am using it more than my Mac. The only thing I do on the Mac is writing. I have encountered some problems while using the app. I’ll explain what the problem.

Some people (like me) started out with a account (and a lot still have it) and this comes with a handy Reader where you can read, like, comment and follow all kinds of blogs. Super handy of course!

In my enthusiasm I switched to a self host at Blue host after 2 months. The great thing is I can add this self host site to the WordPress app and use all the tools inside WordPress EXCEPT the Reader which is quite important. Now what I’ve noticed is that sometimes when a notification pops up and I click on that person it sometimes occurs that it says “unable to retrieve posts” or “this blog doesn’t exist” while they of course do have a website, otherwise how could you like my post. What I do when this happens is, I go to my post, scroll to the comment section and THERE I click on the persons name/site. This redirects me to the correct and current website of that person and there I click follow.

My website

This is also the case with my website. Some people follow me on I understand that because when they click on me it probably redirects it to this. This however is my old account which I don’t use anymore. My page is If you get a like, comment or whatever from me it is possible that you end up on either one of these 2 pages of mine and this depends on what you click, my avatar, my name or something else.

I currently have 120 followers or something. So if you see my blog that has zero or around 10 followers it means that you’re on the wrong page 🙂 of course this isn’t that bad because this site is still up so it’s only logical that you click there to follow (so please just click that thing lol). What I do when I have around 10 followers, I migrate them from the account (which you’ve followed) to my Self host. The followers will disappear from the account but you are actually then following my current blog (This one). So no worries, you are all still following me and you still get an email (I think) when I post something new 🙂

If you don’t understand what this is all about it’s ok haha It’s pretty confusing I knowzzz. I just wanted to share the problem that I encountered in the WordPress app.

Do you ever use the WordPress app? Do you find it handy? Well thank you for reading and let me know what kind of problems you are running into 🙂

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Gregory Porter in Concert @ Heineken Music Hall

Last Friday my dad and I went to Gregory Porter in concert. This guy has a very warm and soulful voice. It was held in the Heineken Music Hall. It sounds even warmer than on his album! such a joy to watch and listen to.

My taste in music is very wide. It goes from Rock to Opera, from Pop to R&B to Alternative, Dance, Dubstep, Techno and so on. In every genre there is something I like. I’m not the type that goes nuts over an artist/band. I like to search the web for new music. If it sounds good in my ears then I’ll listen to it, no matter who the artist is. Of course there is music that I listen more often to. I’ve been raised with a jukebox in our living room and lots of music from the 60’s to the 80’s, the music made in the 90’s have somehow a sound that’s a bit newer but it doesn’t grab my attention as much as songs from the 60-80’s.

I also believe that music brings harmony and peace amongst all mankind and brings each other closer. There is so much that music can do, really powerful.

I hereby let you folks listen to one of Gregory Porter’s songs and I’ll put the lyrics under the video. It’s not the greatest quality and it’s also not my video but I was down there somewhere 🙂

Picture in the post header isn’t mine either.

What do you guys listen to? do you judge artists by who they are? is your music taste as big as mine or do you prefer a specific genre? Let me know.

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Adding music to your travel playlist

Music traveling tip

From now on I will add a music tip to my posts (I’ve done this already 2 posts before). At the end of each post I will add a video from youtube from artists that I listen to. I love music, I have played the drums when I was little and I teach myself to play guitar at the moment (with the help of youtube). I love to listen to whatever sounds good in my ears. I grew up in a house where music was and still is always played in the background. We used to had a jukebox and it was always on. I grew up listening to music like The Four Tops, The Temptations, James Taylor (one of my fav.), Jim Croce and many many more of these fantastic artists. Nowadays when I’m off to work I put in my earphones when I cycle to work. When I get home I grab my guitar and play for a few minutes. We always have music playing in the background.

I love songs in every genre and from every year. I don’t judge artists by who they are I just listen to their music and I judge for myself if I like it or not. Every day again I look out for new artists to discover.

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