Egypt, South Sinai story ready!

februari 27th, 2016

Ready to read about my holiday in Egypt! Well the page is up! (click here) and I would love to hear some feedback about my writing-style. Do you find it fun to read or is it to personal in your opinion (which is what I like the most) do you find the writing style to street-ish? Let me know.

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Indonesia & Papua New Guinea travel story is finished!

Februari 26th, 2016

I’m so excited to tell you guys that my page about Indonesia & Papua New Guinea is up! this took me 3 evenings to write and to collect all the photos! I had to think so hard what about what we did because it’s already been 4 years ago. but I’m happy it’s finished. I think I’m doing good filling up these pages at a slow pace, this way I can enjoy all the stories myself again haha. Click here to go to the page or hit it in the menu.

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Canada page is up!

Februari 24th, 2016

Yes! finally after 4 hours writing and searching for photos on my back up disk it’s done! The page about canada is finished and I hope you’ll find it fun to read. Give some feedback if you’d like about my writing style? or whatever comes to your mind. I can take some critics 😉 click here to go directly to the page or just click it in the menu.

Cheers! – Jori Haar

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