Read a post or not? What attracts you? (1 min read)

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To read a post…

or not to read?

Tell me, what do you look at if you scroll through the blog? Is it the title that makes you want to read? or is it the featured photo that makes you curious and want to read a post? I’d like to know how you guys look at posts before you actually read them.

I personally get curious if I see an awesome photo (which you set as the featured photo for your post). I try my best to upload quality pictures for you guys. I also like “the more photos, the more fun it is to read the story“. This is also why I like Instagram so much! I love to scroll through feeds and watch pictures. You can find me 24/7 on IG (ok ok not really 24/7 I like to get some sleep too)

Let me know how you guys look at posts before you click on them 🙂

*the photo in this post: We did this on mother’s day for breakfast and millions of photos were taken that day haha

Cheers! and follow my blog and here on IG, I’ll follow back of course!

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Saal Digital NL review

Saal Digital NL

Saal Digital review.

Nederlands (Dutch) scroll down for the english version

In deze review heb ik het over een fotoboek dat gemaakt is door Saal Digital. Deze mocht ik testen naar aanleiding van mijn aanmelding hiervoor. Het eerste gedeelte is over het boek zelf. Het tweede gedeelte is over de software.

Deel 1.

Ik heb op een Zondag mijn boek besteld. Donderdag is mijn boek binnen gekomen van 19x19cm. Dit is naar mijn mening een uitstekende levertijd, niks om over te klagen. De eerste indruk is dat het een super mooi boek is.

De voorkant is met een glans/lamineer laag zoals ik dat ook bij mijn andere boeken heb. De binnenpagina’s zijn op een soort stevig Ice White/Pearl papier geprint en deze heb ik mat gelaten (dus geen glans laag erover) zodat ik het kan vergelijken met mijn andere boeken. De foto’s zien er scherp uit. Dit papier heeft een soort structuur erin waardoor de foto in het zonlicht wat korrelig lijkt, dit komt door de structuur van het papier! Dit heb ik ook met mijn andere boeken! Dit is dus geen minpunt maar dit is meer mijn kijk op de print aangezien ik zelf bij een grafisch bedrijf werk, dus ik zal er misschien met andere ogen naar kijken (misschien kijk ik wel iets te precies).

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Ice cold hometown (1 min read)

ice cold hometown, netherlands


A photo I made this morning in my ice cold hometown.

The temperature has been going up and down in the last few weeks with sometimes a difference of more than 10 degrees celsius. Last night it was -4 and so the small rivers/ditches have a thin layer of ice. Of course at 8am in the morning this looks incredible, everything is covered in a white layer of cold air and ice.

cold, netherlands, ice, hometown
On my way to work

I myself am not a person that loves the cold. I get depressed easily, don’t feel like doing anything beside drinking tea with milk or hot chocolate. I’m more a sun kind off guy. Sun gives me energy and makes me want to do so much activities. I’ve also noticed that the lifestyle is completely different from each other. I guess you could say that people do more when the sun shines. I notice in my hometown (and probably a lot more places) that people here live inside their homes. Always between 4 walls, we live our lives as individuals mostly.

When it’s summer everyone is happy, going outside, never sitting inside their houses, socialising on streets, parks etc. it feels like life is so much more when the sun is out, don’t you agree?

*Tell me, are you a winter or a summer person? do you think that the weather all throughout the world is changing? do you see difference in temperature compared to years ago?

It’s chilly billy here and I need to pour myself another cup of tea, Cheers!

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Roque Nublo, Gran Canaria (20 sec read, 2 min video)

roque nublo, mountain, clouds, gran canaria, canary islands

Roque Nublo in Gran Canaria.

I made a page few weeks ago (here) about my holiday to Gran Canaria. I totally forgot that I shot some videos too! I didn’t shoot as much as on my other holidays but just a few clips. I’ve put them together now as you can see below. It’s amazing to stand at the same level as the clouds (and cold).

Check out other holiday videos here. This is the page where I put my videos on 🙂

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Bye old passport, hello new one! (1 min read)

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Bye passport.

Last week my passport expired so I had to get a new one. Of course I didn’t want to say goodbye to my passport because it has all these cool stamps in it from traveling! haha. Yes this is the only thing that I’d like to keep. So I asked if I could keep it and here it is (in the picture) with holes and all haha. All of my far away travels started in 2012, so this passport went to a lot of places already.

New passport.

I had to get a new passport photo and these are always horrible because you can’t smile haha. I forgot to shave, there are icy winds that make my eyes tear and all red. I walked into the shop and said “I want to make a good passport photo”, “of course” he said, so I sat down he took 4 shots in 1 second and I got to pick one… seriously I wasn’t even done with getting “my look” ready lol. Ah well the photo looks rubbish just like my old one, like I’m a dead zombie that just woke up xD

What’s your story?

So what do you think of passports and do you -like me- also like to keep the old one for memories? let me know and don’t forget to share your crazy photo story with me haha love to hear it! cheers 🙂

*for the dutch people, the magazine in the picture called SALT is a very adventurous magazine with lots and lots of tips/places/eco friendly products and great travel stories! makes you want to travel even more!

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