Bye old passport, hello new one! (1 min read)

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Bye passport.

Last week my passport expired so I had to get a new one. Of course I didn’t want to say goodbye to my passport because it has all these cool stamps in it from traveling! haha. Yes this is the only thing that I’d like to keep. So I asked if I could keep it and here it is (in the picture) with holes and all haha. All of my far away travels started in 2012, so this passport went to a lot of places already.

New passport.

I had to get a new passport photo and these are always horrible because you can’t smile haha. I forgot to shave, there are icy winds that make my eyes tear and all red. I walked into the shop and said “I want to make a good passport photo”, “of course” he said, so I sat down he took 4 shots in 1 second and I got to pick one… seriously I wasn’t even done with getting “my look” ready lol. Ah well the photo looks rubbish just like my old one, like I’m a dead zombie that just woke up xD

What’s your story?

So what do you think of passports and do you -like me- also like to keep the old one for memories? let me know and don’t forget to share your crazy photo story with me haha love to hear it! cheers 🙂

*for the dutch people, the magazine in the picture called SALT is a very adventurous magazine with lots and lots of tips/places/eco friendly products and great travel stories! makes you want to travel even more!

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Gregory Porter in Concert @ Heineken Music Hall

Last Friday my dad and I went to Gregory Porter in concert. This guy has a very warm and soulful voice. It was held in the Heineken Music Hall. It sounds even warmer than on his album! such a joy to watch and listen to.

My taste in music is very wide. It goes from Rock to Opera, from Pop to R&B to Alternative, Dance, Dubstep, Techno and so on. In every genre there is something I like. I’m not the type that goes nuts over an artist/band. I like to search the web for new music. If it sounds good in my ears then I’ll listen to it, no matter who the artist is. Of course there is music that I listen more often to. I’ve been raised with a jukebox in our living room and lots of music from the 60’s to the 80’s, the music made in the 90’s have somehow a sound that’s a bit newer but it doesn’t grab my attention as much as songs from the 60-80’s.

I also believe that music brings harmony and peace amongst all mankind and brings each other closer. There is so much that music can do, really powerful.

I hereby let you folks listen to one of Gregory Porter’s songs and I’ll put the lyrics under the video. It’s not the greatest quality and it’s also not my video but I was down there somewhere 🙂

Picture in the post header isn’t mine either.

What do you guys listen to? do you judge artists by who they are? is your music taste as big as mine or do you prefer a specific genre? Let me know.

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Oh no! going back to school!

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Here is the thing. I was 20 when I finished the graphic school (audio/visual). After this I went working with the thought of 1 or 2 years and then back to school, this… never happened. I do work in the graphic business but not the audio/visual part. I do printing, mostly cards, posters, books, leaflets etc. etc. When I started… 6 years ago, I had fun in doing my job. This year though I found myself a bit lazy at work, everyone is annoying in my eyes and customers… uuugh puh-leaaaase stop, everyone whining about nothing, I can’t stand it, days are long and never ending.

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I decided this year to go back to school because I don’t want to stick around longer in this business. I chose to go to the Foto Academie Amsterdam (photo academy). Photography is a hobby of mine and I thought (yes at 26 better late than never) why not try to turn my hobby into work and maybe in the future try to combine it with traveling, after all these are the 2 things I like to do most. So my goal is finally set and I finally thought about the future, which I never really thought about before (I mean thought about seriously).

Did you already set your goal? or do you still don’t know what you want to become? let me know, maybe we can help each other and exchange uplifting, positive thoughts 🙂

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England & Scotland page is up!

Hi folks!

It has been a while but the page for the England & Scotland trip is up and running including lots and lots of photos for you to enjoy! Find the page in the menu above or click below. Hope to hear some feedback or just a story you want to share, cheers to the weekend!

England & Scotland

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Starting the USA page

Hello Yello USA!

I started with the USA page (click here), I still need to divide it into California and Chicago sub pages but I have so little time in the evenings and it takes forever to write (I’m not a very good writer) so it’s going really slow but eventually I’ll get there haha. Let’s just say I made a sneak peek now 😉

Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated – Confucius

Music tip for your list:

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