Sweets and Insects, a bar in Amsterdam (1 min read)

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Sweets and Insects

Last Monday I went to Amsterdam to photograph for my assignments for school. On our way to the zoo I saw this shop with a huge text on the window that said ‘Insectbar’. It’s a new shop that just opened the day before called Sweets and Insects (click here for the website). I’ve never tried Insects before but surprisingly enough I wasn’t that scared to try it, I didn’t even think twice, I just grabbed it and ate it.

I tried the little yellow buffalo worms first and then a little grashopper, I even bought one to take home lol. The texture is actually like chips, it’s crunchy and the real flavour comes from the herbs and not really the insect itself. I tried the grasshopper with BBQ and one with garlic.

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Update: Weekend Maastricht & Mechelen photos (Netherlands)

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Weekend Maastricht & Mechelen photos.

Below are some of the photos of our recent weekend trip with the fotoacademie (photo academy). In our assignments all of our photos had to be in black and white. Of course I like to edit in color too, although I have to say that I’m starting to like to preview my photos in black and white, this way you can really see what the light does in your photo. If you preview your photo in color (on  your camera) it’s harder to see what light there is because of the many colors that is distracting you. In black and white you have either blacks or whites to look at and it’s easier to judge the light this way (my opinion).

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Gregory Porter in Concert @ Heineken Music Hall

Last Friday my dad and I went to Gregory Porter in concert. This guy has a very warm and soulful voice. It was held in the Heineken Music Hall. It sounds even warmer than on his album! such a joy to watch and listen to.

My taste in music is very wide. It goes from Rock to Opera, from Pop to R&B to Alternative, Dance, Dubstep, Techno and so on. In every genre there is something I like. I’m not the type that goes nuts over an artist/band. I like to search the web for new music. If it sounds good in my ears then I’ll listen to it, no matter who the artist is. Of course there is music that I listen more often to. I’ve been raised with a jukebox in our living room and lots of music from the 60’s to the 80’s, the music made in the 90’s have somehow a sound that’s a bit newer but it doesn’t grab my attention as much as songs from the 60-80’s.

I also believe that music brings harmony and peace amongst all mankind and brings each other closer. There is so much that music can do, really powerful.

I hereby let you folks listen to one of Gregory Porter’s songs and I’ll put the lyrics under the video. It’s not the greatest quality and it’s also not my video but I was down there somewhere 🙂

Picture in the post header isn’t mine either.

What do you guys listen to? do you judge artists by who they are? is your music taste as big as mine or do you prefer a specific genre? Let me know.

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Concert night in Amsterdam

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Maria Mena in Paradiso, Amsterdam

Yesterday night my 2 sisters and I went to Maria Mena in Amsterdam. If you haven’t heard of her yet. look her up on youtube or in iTunes. She has a really good voice and her songs are all wonderful. I have recorded this with my phone. Unfortunately the quality is a bit of a let down from my phone (Huawei) I hope you can still hear how beautiful this song is.

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