Sailcenter Limburg and Thorn (the white village)

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Taking the boat at Sailcenter Limburg

A few months back it was my sisters birthday and we gave her a present for a night on a little boat. We looked on the internet for something special to rent and sleep. Usually you get these special alternative sleeping tents, houses, boats etc. We found a wooden little boat  that you could rent for 1 or more days. We immediately booked it for a night. It was a bit expensive but hey money’s gotta roll right… It was a 2 hour drive from our place. We live in the middle and Sailcenter Limburg is all the way down to the south at the Belgium borders.

The boat & Village

Once arrived at Sailcenter Limburg we checked in. We got a short explanation on how to handle the boat and how to tie the ropes. On this boat you may dock anywhere you want. If the night falls you just lower the anchors in the lake and that’s your sleeping place. It was a wonderful and sunny day. We docked somewhere and went to the town called Thorn. To be honest, there is absolutely nothing to do here, it’s such a little village with no youngsters. It’s empty but it’s a really really gorgeous little village. People also call it The White Village because of the houses. All the houses in the centre are white which looks really pretty.

At the end of our walk we went back to our boat and we wanted to set off but… storm was coming. We didn’t take the risk of setting off again and we just stayed docked for the night. It was the right decision because the water went wild and thunder strikes were so close it was deafening. Not that I was scared though, I went outside to take some pictures of course haha.

The next morning it was freezing cold and we didn’t sleep at all (there was no heater). On our way back to the Sailcenter we ran out of fuel… lol (why is this happening to us). There was so much wind we had to paddle like crazy just to not hit land haha. I even had to call the Sailcenter because we couldn’t find the extra jerrycan with fuel haha. Luckily there was one. In the end we made it back safe, it was so much fun. Yet again did we see a totally different side of The Netherlands.


Have you ever slept in an “alternative/special” place? if so then share it with the world!

Here are the photos for you to enjoy 🙂