Concert night in Amsterdam

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Maria Mena in Paradiso, Amsterdam

Yesterday night my 2 sisters and I went to Maria Mena in Amsterdam. If you haven’t heard of her yet. look her up on youtube or in iTunes. She has a really good voice and her songs are all wonderful. I have recorded this with my phone. Unfortunately the quality is a bit of a let down from my phone (Huawei) I hope you can still hear how beautiful this song is.

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China is accepting applications for panda babysitters!

Some of you might have heard it already and some don’t but there is a dream job available right now! I’m talking about babysitting panda’s in China OMG who wouldn’t want that right! The Center has done these kind off things before so it’s not the first time they offer this.

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Videos, travel & daily life page added!

Daily Life & Travel videos

I decided to add another page (in the menu above) where I’ll put some videos up from my holidays and more. I’ve already shared these videos on youtube of course but I thought it would be fun to share it here on my blog. Click here if you’re too lazy to go with your mouse all the way to┬áthe menu at the top of the page hihi

So I hope you’ll check the videos. Maybe it’ll get you an idea and feel about what the countries look like.

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New Theme Olsen Light

The reason I changed my theme (Olsen Light) is because I couldn’t get some things fixed in the old one after it was transferred to a self hosted site. Links, pictures and buttons were missing in the old one. I tried solving it and asked for help on different forums but I wast getting any wiser from it. Since I don’t know anything about codes and all the other things that’s behind the web I gave up and Installed this new theme, so far everything is working I think.

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Vive la France! page is updated

March 8th, 2016

So it’s tuesday evening already, I wrote some content on the France page (click here to read) about our holiday in France way back in 2010. I can’t remember all of it but I’ll just share the things that I do remember haha. Just click on the menu and under Europe hit France, for now the continue reading button has disappeared but I’ve already contacted a developer on a forum about how to fix this.

have a great day for the rest of you who still have a whole day!

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