Roque Nublo, Gran Canaria (20 sec read, 2 min video)

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Roque Nublo in Gran Canaria.

I made a page few weeks ago (here) about my holiday to Gran Canaria. I totally forgot that I shot some videos too! I didn’t shoot as much as on my other holidays but just a few clips. I’ve put them together now as you can see below. It’s amazing to stand at the same level as the clouds (and cold).

Check out other holiday videos here. This is the page where I put my videos on 🙂

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Bye old passport, hello new one! (1 min read)

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Bye passport.

Last week my passport expired so I had to get a new one. Of course I didn’t want to say goodbye to my passport because it has all these cool stamps in it from traveling! haha. Yes this is the only thing that I’d like to keep. So I asked if I could keep it and here it is (in the picture) with holes and all haha. All of my far away travels started in 2012, so this passport went to a lot of places already.

New passport.

I had to get a new passport photo and these are always horrible because you can’t smile haha. I forgot to shave, there are icy winds that make my eyes tear and all red. I walked into the shop and said “I want to make a good passport photo”, “of course” he said, so I sat down he took 4 shots in 1 second and I got to pick one… seriously I wasn’t even done with getting “my look” ready lol. Ah well the photo looks rubbish just like my old one, like I’m a dead zombie that just woke up xD

What’s your story?

So what do you think of passports and do you -like me- also like to keep the old one for memories? let me know and don’t forget to share your crazy photo story with me haha love to hear it! cheers 🙂

*for the dutch people, the magazine in the picture called SALT is a very adventurous magazine with lots and lots of tips/places/eco friendly products and great travel stories! makes you want to travel even more!

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Collection photo albums (2 min read)

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Holiday collection photo albums

Just wanted to share my collection photo albums that I’ve made and ordered throughout the years (starting from 2012). I’m only missing the one for the USA, I still have to make that one. These 6 albums costed me around €600 euro in total ($650 dollar) of course I made one album every year so the price isn’t too bad.

Of course all the photos in these albums are also on this blog, if you click on one of the pages in the menu.

I think a photo album is still cool! I grab my album every now and then. What happens if your pc crashes?  some people back up their photos to a hard drive. Tell me how many times will you get your hard drive just to see your photos back? not a lot. You can keep your photo albums in your bookshelf, it’s easier to grab, so you’ll do that more often.

I live in The Netherlands and I’ve always made my albums with the software that Albelli provides. It’s easy to understand, fast and pretty quick in delivering with great quality.

Do you guys ever make albums? or do you ever print a few photos? let me know what you prefer, digital or printed 🙂

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Making a travel photo album

Travel photo album

I wanted to start talking about photo albums. I think that not a lot people make albums anymore these days. I mean why spend so much money on a photo album when you have everything digital right?

Well first of all I like to have some of my photos physically in my hands instead of staring at a screen. Second it’s just so much more fun to grab a book. What I’ve noticed is that I back up my photos to an external hard disk but I never ever go like “oh let me grab my harddisk and check some photos” you rarely do that. A book is cool, you can have it as decoration in your house maybe you walk past it multiple times a day and you always notice these books.

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I added so many photos to the USA page!

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So I’ve hooked my hard drive to the mac to check some old(er) photos. Kind of a #throwbackthursday even though it’s Monday lol.

For the ones that have visited my website, you’ve noticed that I make pages in the menu about my travels instead of in a post. Now, I have a page of the USA but since it was a while ago I don’t exactly remember everything. So I found some photos of different years and just added them to the page for you to look at. Trust me it’s a lot! 150+ images!!

Check it out here 🙂

United States of America

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