My new online shop, so exciting! (1 min read)

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Shop is up.

I added a shop to my page! I’m selling my photos here in average/big size prints so that you can enjoy it to the max! Orders will be shipped as soon as possible. Delivery time depends on where I have to ship the item of course. It takes about 5-6 working days before it’s ready to be shipped!

  • Every sold item helps me pay a little bit of my school year which is a ridiculous amount of money. I will also put a handwritten postcard with the item with my personal greetings (as if you’re waiting for my greetings lol)

It’s new.

This shop is new for me as well as how it works behind the screen. If you notice anything that doesn’t look right please contact me by leaving a comment or email me. The only option to pay is through Paypal at this moment, I don’t think I will ever change this since Paypal is just really secure and good!

The items that I have now are only available on Fine art Silk paper with a glossy layer. I need to put more photos in my shop but for now we’ll see how it goes. I mainly opened this shop so I can use this in the near future (when I’m actually in school next year) but you can never start to early right 🙂 I don’t really expect any orders but I hope I can make more use of the shop when I start to really get into the photography business. (and of course I need to make my blog grow too sometime)

Thanks for reading and cheers! 🙂

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Videos, travel & daily life page added!

Daily Life & Travel videos

I decided to add another page (in the menu above) where I’ll put some videos up from my holidays and more. I’ve already shared these videos on youtube of course but I thought it would be fun to share it here on my blog. Click here if you’re too lazy to go with your mouse all the way to the menu at the top of the page hihi

So I hope you’ll check the videos. Maybe it’ll get you an idea and feel about what the countries look like.

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New Theme Olsen Light

The reason I changed my theme (Olsen Light) is because I couldn’t get some things fixed in the old one after it was transferred to a self hosted site. Links, pictures and buttons were missing in the old one. I tried solving it and asked for help on different forums but I wast getting any wiser from it. Since I don’t know anything about codes and all the other things that’s behind the web I gave up and Installed this new theme, so far everything is working I think.

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Working on it!

Hi all, I have been working on getting my account to a self hosted site. It’s not going really smooth and not all the features I had on is installed here yet.

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