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About Me intro

So here I am making my blog about traveling, lifestyle and photography. My name is Jori Haar but maybe you’ve read that already in the side section of the website. I’m not a fulltime traveler it’s not my lifestyle but one day I’d like to make it my lifestyle.

Part I

I have two younger sisters, a dog (who is basically a human too and vey stubborn lol), a cat and of course my mom and dad.

I’m 26 years old and I live in a very small town in the middle of The Netherlands. Since I was young my parents never skipped a holiday in summer. We always went away with the car and our tent which was always fun and we never ever brought our electronics with us except for my parents cellphones which were as big as refrigerators 20 years ago. Never did we have a dull moment and we always picked a camping by the coast because we preferred the sea over anything else. Around 2009 we were a little bit older and decided to go on trips that took us a little further than Europe, I had a job and that’s how I could pay for my own ticket. We’ve seen quite a few things with the family! While most people would say “with family?” I’d say there’s nothing more fun then to share these moments with your family and from now on with the world too.

When I was young I didn’t really know what I wanted to do so I basically did what felt right at that moment of my life. I’m still not doing what I’d love to do most but I hope someday I will, I have yet to figure out what I like the most because I still haven’t found that lol.

Part II

In my free time I like to play guitar, sing (in the bathroom), cycling and watch and read manga/anime. My achievement in life is that I’m still single (and I’m ok with that) and I actually finished my audio/visual study which I never really thought I’d finish haha.

The things I still want to do, I have a bucket list for that it’s just that this list never ends so I’m not gonna name it here.

Part III: Photography

I love photography, wether it’s portraits or nature. My passion for photography began when I was 16-17 years old. I bought my own DSLR camera from my savings at the age of 20. My parents had a real Minolta which when I look back at it now it really made some great great photos and my parents both loved photography too, so maybe it just runs in the family. When I had to decide to what kind of school I wanted after high school I chose to study audio/visual at Grafisch Lyceum in Utrecht because that was what had my interest the most in that time. I finished it but it wasn’t really what I liked after those 4 years. I think I chose the wrong direction. Although I do love to make a film from holiday clips in a more professional way then what people normally would do I had just lost interest in that part. So I focused on photography again and bought a Nikon D3100 (click the link to see the video I made a few years ago). I had a great time with the DSLR and made a lot of awesome photos. I think it’s a great camera for starters since it’s not really that expensive and the quality you get is amazing. 4 years ago I upgraded to the Nikon D7100, which is on another level and was happy with it. Right now I own the Nikon D750 (FX) and this will be with me for a decade. I bought Lightroom few years ago which is a photo editing software that lets you edit your photos. I don’t edit too much but usually I just add some vibrance/saturation and I lighten up the shadows <- I don’t do this anymore lol. Remember to shoot in RAW format if you’re going to use Lightroom too!

All the photos you see on my website (homepage headers, featured images, holiday photos) are made by me unless I state in a post it’s not of course.

Cheers and I hope you’ll follow my blog so we can have great conversations ^^

P.S. let’s keep in touch on social media!


  1. How are you still single? You like all the right things :O, I’m so jealous btw that you got to travel to all these awesome places, wish I win the lottery or something and just go around the world, meet people, experience different cultures, make tons of pictures, eat awesome food and do fun stuff! Sadly my parents only wanted to do stuff in The Netherlands itself or go to Germany, but that was quite a while ago and my dad was the only one working a average job ;’)

    1. well, first of all I’m kind off an introvert person. I like to have family around but still love it when I’m alone. I enjoy the quietness (that’s why I’m a fan of nature and not the city lol). Second, I’m not really searching (as in strolling the web or going out just to meet someone). It’ll come one day. well I haven’t exactly won the lottery either haha but I work 40-45 hours a week, I don’t buy stuff that I don’t need, I save and save just for traveling because that’s my highest priority lol. Indeed traveling and experiencing other cultures is something you just don’t learn in school. there’s plenty of cool stuff to see/do here 🙂 I have to admit that sometimes I just don’t see the beauty of this country anymore. so all I can say is, save your money and make little trips, start with Europe, tickets are often pretty cheap 🙂 what do you wanna see or what have you seen already?

    1. hellooowz there, ah yea saw it on instagram, in A’dam right 🙂 there are so many beautiful places here, of course there are beautiful places everywhere haha. I’ve only recently discovered how beautiful this country is lol. I just never saw the beauty of my own country. I’m more of a nature person than a city person though 🙂

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