Sweets and Insects, a bar in Amsterdam (1 min read)

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Sweets and Insects

Last Monday I went to Amsterdam to photograph for my assignments for school. On our way to the zoo I saw this shop with a huge text on the window that said ‘Insectbar’. It’s a new shop that just opened the day before called Sweets and Insects (click here for the website). I’ve never tried Insects before but surprisingly enough I wasn’t that scared to try it, I didn’t even think twice, I just grabbed it and ate it.

I tried the little yellow buffalo worms first and then a little grashopper, I even bought one to take home lol. The texture is actually like chips, it’s crunchy and the real flavour comes from the herbs and not really the insect itself. I tried the grasshopper with BBQ and one with garlic.

Insects are like a real power food! All those people in the jungle that eat those insects, have you ever seen them with glasses… nope me neither. Do you know how strong those people are and how many muscles they have!

Most insects are very very rich in protein! which is a very important substance that our body needs. 16% of our body exists of protein. Our muscles, hair, skin, tendons (and a lot more) they all consist largely of protein.

I took some shots from the shop and the grashoppers that I bought.

Have you ever tried insects before? do you want to try it? or will you never ever ever try it? let me know! The video below is about this bar.

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  1. Haha that’s very interesting indeed… altho I think I’m not very prone to eating insects 😉
    I think btw that I saw this new place one of the last times I went to Amsterdam… it rings a bell.
    Thanks for sharing, and have a nice day!

    1. haha yea it’s not very popular amongst Europeans, they want to introduce the insects more and more untill it becomes “regular” as a food. I think they’ve been open about 6 weeks now but last Monday it was the official opening. Cheers enjoy your day 🍻

    1. haha don’t they say that about everything ‘it tastes like chicken’ xD spider leg mmm think I would close my eyes too. I have little grasshoppers at home and it tastes like powder garlic lol