A weekend in Maastricht and Mechelen (4 min. read+video)

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A weekend in Maastricht and Mechelen

2 weeks ago I had a weekend in Maastricht and Mechelen. This trip was a school trip. Yup, a school trip. It feels rather weird to go on school trips again especially now that our class age range is 18 to 58 (8 people). Since I started studying photography at the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam it has been quite busy and the school assignments keep on coming like rockets. I still am overwhelmed at the speed the school is teaching. It’s hard to combine it with a fulltime job so I do most things during the weekend, no day-offZzz.

I was picked up in the morning and we went to Mechelen first. A 2,5 hour drive and once there we were given our first assignment, landscape photography. We were given a map of the route. The route they had planned was a 3 hour walk, of course with shooting photos in between it was a slightly longer walk lol, more like 7 hours (ok we took a 1,5 hour lunchbreak with a tasty burger and a beer). Nature here is gorgeous, it has small hills that you won’t find if you are not in the south of The Netherlands (its’s basically all flat the rest of the country) Once we were done we all headed to our hotelroom in Maastricht (half hour drive from Mechelen). We were staying right across the trainstation of Maastricht in Amráth Grand Hotel de L’Empereur. This is also a 10/15 minute walk to the city center of Maastricht and the popular spot Vrijthof

Maastricht is also a city with lots of national/international students. In the evening after we had put our luggage in our rooms were given another assignment. We had to draw a storyboard, get a GO from the teacher and then off to make it. We were given a few audio files and had to choose one. After we chose ours we had a plan… (which was really tiring in the end lol).

We had to go out at night to film and get our shots, after getting back and having a beer we hopped in bed at 3am but… 4.30am I was up again because our great great plan was to film the sunrise… so I didn’t get much sleep that weekend haha.

I thought I’d go back to bed for a few hours but I was up and running again, had my breakfast and just stayed in the lobby. That day we had to gather at the Vrijthof for another assignment which was ‘Social street photography’. Every one of us got a map with a street marked on it. The assignment was to photograph that street that was marked on the map (everyone had a different street). So as we all walked to our destination, I knew this assignment would be hard for me. I’m not a person that goes and just steps up to people and ask if I could take a picture. This was waaay beyond my comfort zone. I litterely stood at the corner for 10 minutes swiping up and down my phone for no reason just because I was nervous. I gathered all my strenght and went up to a couple, it went aaall smooth and took some photos. Then I asked a group of people next to the couple. Now I got my photos and I asked an email address so I could send them the photos. I also made it clear that I would not post these photos of them on the internet.

Strange thing. Some don’t find it very pleasant if you take photos of them, they tell you “… my privacy”. I then just wonder why they say “my privacy”. I mean it’s not like you have any privacy anyway, you’re being watched 24/7 by street camera’s… I’d rather have a fun photo taken of me than that there’s a street camera watching me 24/7.

At the end of the day we all had a drink, got some food in our bellies and headed home. Once home I hopped in bed right away after a long weekend of no sleep just to get back up in the morning for work.

Here is the short video that we made that weekend in Maastricht. I will update this post later with some photos.

Our equipment is: Nikon D750 and a Fuji X-T20

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