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Social Media (what I use)

The upper two social media platforms are the ones I really use. I don’t have twitter because in my opinion it’s almost the same as Instagram, it’s just that I like to see pictures instead of text and I just love how you can scroll through someone’s feed. I don’t use snapchat because really what’s that about… Almost every blogger has an Instagram! it’s also a great platform if you want to start a small business!

Facebook is something I haven’t been using a lot lately, I only have Facebook to post photos and sometimes share a video of cats… or dogs… oh and music. I also have my family on Facebook. Some live in other countries so it’s nice to be able to keep in touch with them.

I recently made a Bloglovin’ account and linked my blog to the account of Bloglovin’. So if you have a Bloglovin’ account too then there’s a follow button on my page on the right side. I still have to figure out how it works though.

Gaining followers

There is only one way to get more followers and that is to be active yourself, not only in posting but especially in reading in the Reader of WordPress. Comment, like, have conversations, follow blogs, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re active. People love it when they get likes or comments, I mean don’t you? I love it when people comment and give likes, that’s why I started blogging in the first place. I scroll through the Reader and I give likes and comment a lot, this way you’ll get more followers. Sometimes if you have the same subject blog/post you can comment on their post and with some typing tactic you could lead them to read your blog or follow.

for example:

commenting on someone else’s post:
me: Your photos are so awesome!
him/her: thank you, I appreciate that! 🙂
me: I have been there too, I took a lot of photos which I also posted on my blog 🙂
him/her: cool, I’ll check that out ^^

see what I did there. I led that person to take an interest in my blog. This way your blog gets checked out and perhaps they follow you.

There is also the case that when you comment and like on someone’s post, other bloggers that have liked that post will check you out too. Make sure that if someone comments or likes your post to check that person out and give them a like/comment/follow back!

It’s actually quite simple but you have to put some effort in it. I spend the whole sunday reading in the Reader and commenting and liking posts (ok and watched Stranger Things on Netflix too). Even subjects that are not relative to my blog can be interesting).

Don’t be afraid to give me a follow on social media! Let me know what you do to get more followers let’s share our tactics!

Hope this motivates you! Cheers 🙂

Music tip for travelling:

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    1. thanks ^^ I forgot to mention another thing in the post so I’m gonna update it… again lol

    2. btw, could you confirm if you’ve got a mail or not, I don’t know if this self host WordPress thing sends out an email to my followers if I post new stuff (yay for self host lol) I at least know I get mails from all the bloggers I follow. I’d appreciate that a lot 🙂

    1. you’re welcome ^^ it’s actually quite hard to really focus on blogging, especially if you have a full time job of 45+ hours a week, I often check some in my break time, or when I get home maybe an hour or so and then I’m already off to bed lol

      1. Exactly! So hard to try and find time for everything you need to do with social media, writing quality content, taking good photos, engaging with other blogs, on top of a fulltime job and everything else! Ha! We are crazy!

        1. but maybe one day, one day you’ll succeed and will get paid for blogging (if you’re serious of course) and then your life will change, it may take a looong long time though xD it’s indeed crazy but I was already crazy before blogging lol

    1. indeed, sometimes I comment on a blog/post with like 200 words 😂 and I get a like back, there are so many things in that comment that one could respond too, ah well I also keep in mind that people maybe started a blog and then after a few posts they don’t like it anymore. I mean I think (I know) people enjoy getting comments and likes right 🙂

      1. oh yes especially me lol, but I agree. It’s important to respond and engage because those people are taking the time out of their day to comment in the first place. If one is serious about blogging, they should look at this as a priority!

      2. Yes, especially if people are trying to take blogging seriously it’s so crucial to respond to all comments and likes! I, for one, love receiving the feedback on my blog so I’m sure other bloggers can relate.