Ice cold hometown (1 min read)

ice cold hometown, netherlands


A photo I made this morning in my ice cold hometown.

The temperature has been going up and down in the last few weeks with sometimes a difference of more than 10 degrees celsius. Last night it was -4 and so the small rivers/ditches have a thin layer of ice. Of course at 8am in the morning this looks incredible, everything is covered in a white layer of cold air and ice.

cold, netherlands, ice, hometown
On my way to work

I myself am not a person that loves the cold. I get depressed easily, don’t feel like doing anything beside drinking tea with milk or hot chocolate. I’m more a sun kind off guy. Sun gives me energy and makes me want to do so much activities. I’ve also noticed that the lifestyle is completely different from each other. I guess you could say that people do more when the sun shines. I notice in my hometown (and probably a lot more places) that people here live inside their homes. Always between 4 walls, we live our lives as individuals mostly.

When it’s summer everyone is happy, going outside, never sitting inside their houses, socialising on streets, parks etc. it feels like life is so much more when the sun is out, don’t you agree?

*Tell me, are you a winter or a summer person? do you think that the weather all throughout the world is changing? do you see difference in temperature compared to years ago?

It’s chilly billy here and I need to pour myself another cup of tea, Cheers!

Music tip for this winter weather 🙂

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  1. Beautiful colours in this shot! I love the winter, but not the -8 C which is what it is now here in Whistler. I can deal with 0 C, but minus isn’t my favourite!! that’s for sure. I like 15 – 20 C, spring weather, Fall weather (Fall is my favourite season), love the cool air and the sunshine at the same time. I don’t like the heat. And yes, I do see the difference in the weather all around the world, even right here at home! Hope you had a great second cup of tea!! 🙂

    1. haha I actually like the minus weather more than let’s say 0-15 degrees hihi. I think everyone notices differences in their place 🙂

    1. it’s not so bad the cold although my face freezes off in the morning xD it is really beautiful 😀

  2. I love winter colours (or absence of colours). That frost is quite familiar, been very common these last days… living in the Netherlands?
    Nice shots anyways.

    1. Thank you, I really like the frozen looks too (from behind the glass lol) it’s really too cold for me though even though it’s only -4 haha. Yes indeed The Netherlands. This sight only lasted for 3 days, it’s raining again :/

    1. thank you 🙂 haha it does look cold right hehe, -4 celsius isn’t that bad actually lol, it may sound weird but I find 5 to 10 degrees colder than this haha because if it’s this cold the wind and air is different as when it’s 5 to 10 degrees which makes it more pleasant the -4 lol

  3. I’m more of a summer girl. I think it’s because we only have two seasons: the sunny and the rainy. It’s what we get for living in a tropical country. I love it here, the Philippines. You should give it a visit because it’s mostly sunny here and you have lots of places to go. 🙂

    1. a the tropicals that sounds like it’s sunny most of the time 🙂 I guess when it rains it’s still quite warm the temperature right? tropical rain, at least that’s what I experienced when we were in Papua new Guinea in 2012 🙂 it was a warm rain but all day long in the rainy season. ah yea there are lots of places that I want to visit xD money is the problem though haha

  4. Yeah, it’s still quite warm but for the months of December to February it’s cold. Those are our coldest months and then it’s hot all year long again. Me too! I want to visit lots of places too 😭😭 why traveling is so expensive? Haha

  5. Yes I have seen changes in weather. I live in Estonia and usually when it is winter, it will be cold and the ground will be white with snow. But I think the last three christmases we have spent without snow. Once, the snow came down in july and they even wrote a song about it. haha. But I think my favourite is summer. I can’t really handle the cold.

    1. indeed the earth gets warmer we all notice it 🙂 but summer is the best haha. Cheers to a healthy and awesome 2017!!