Roque Nublo, Gran Canaria (20 sec read, 2 min video)

roque nublo, mountain, clouds, gran canaria, canary islands

Roque Nublo in Gran Canaria.

I made a page few weeks ago (here) about my holiday to Gran Canaria. I totally forgot that I shot some videos too! I didn’t shoot as much as on my other holidays but just a few clips. I’ve put them together now as you can see below. It’s amazing to stand at the same level as the clouds (and cold).

Check out other holiday videos here. This is the page where I put my videos on 🙂

Here is the full song that I’ve used in my video.

This might be fun to read


  1. So beautiful, so cool! Love the music in this video, love the clouds and like you said the “height”. I think you have a gift, you have great creative powers! Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff!!
    Uebrigs, sprechen sie deutsch?

    1. thank you! I can really enjoy nature so much 🙂 I can read German and I understand it a bit if people talk but me speaking the language isn’t that great at all haha xD more like none hihi. Although some words look like Dutch words it’s still confusing for me lol