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Holiday collection photo albums

Just wanted to share my collection photo albums that I’ve made and ordered throughout the years (starting from 2012). I’m only missing the one for the USA, I still have to make that one. These 6 albums costed me around €600 euro in total ($650 dollar) of course I made one album every year so the price isn’t too bad.

Of course all the photos in these albums are also on this blog, if you click on one of the pages in the menu.

I think a photo album is still cool! I grab my album every now and then. What happens if your pc crashes?  some people back up their photos to a hard drive. Tell me how many times will you get your hard drive just to see your photos back? not a lot. You can keep your photo albums in your bookshelf, it’s easier to grab, so you’ll do that more often.

I live in The Netherlands and I’ve always made my albums with the software that Albelli provides. It’s easy to understand, fast and pretty quick in delivering with great quality.

Do you guys ever make albums? or do you ever print a few photos? let me know what you prefer, digital or printed 🙂

and here is another music tip! (glad that there are great dutch musicians too haha)

This might be fun to read


  1. Live the album ideas! I think the high tech definitely making me forgot how precious album was .. I will see where I can do once I leave Cambodia ! It would be a great gift for friends 🙂

    1. thank you! albums are just lovely to have, you take a book, you take your time to look at it again and really feel what your holiday was like. It’s indeed great as a gift too! what is your website? can’t seem to get it when I click on your name or avatar.

    1. Thanks! a photo album is just so much more fun and you get this good feeling if you go through a book.

  2. They look really great! I found making album is cool too. But one disadvantage that I can think of is: the weight of the album. It might be quite heavy to transport all the albums at once 😉

    1. Hey! it is definitely great right 🙂 if you have to move all of the albums together then it is pretty heavy yea haha, thanks for stopping by here and IG ^^