Making a travel photo album

Travel photo album

I wanted to start talking about photo albums. I think that not a lot people make albums anymore these days. I mean why spend so much money on a photo album when you have everything digital right?

Well first of all I like to have some of my photos physically in my hands instead of staring at a screen. Second it’s just so much more fun to grab a book. What I’ve noticed is that I back up my photos to an external hard disk but I never ever go like “oh let me grab my harddisk and check some photos” you rarely do that. A book is cool, you can have it as decoration in your house maybe you walk past it multiple times a day and you always notice these books.

Once in while when you’re just lazy and sit on the couch, you grab the photo album and really take your time time to re-live those moments (you can even smell the paper mmm haha).

I never really thought about making a photo album until 6 years ago after my trip to Indonesia. When I came back the urge to do something with my photos was so big I immediately started making an album, I didn’t even think about the costs. Now after 6 years, I have made 6 photo albums and they have all costed me around 140 euro each but it’s really worth it and I love it. I check my albums weekly and I just can’t get enough of it. You can easily find a company on google for making those books, I myself live in The Netherlands so I made it at This company also gives you an online album so you can share it with your friends and family. So here are 2 of my 6 albums that I’d like to share with you guys. have fun checking them out (those are the same photos that I have on my other pages).

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