I added so many photos to the USA page!

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So I’ve hooked my hard drive to the mac to check some old(er) photos. Kind of a #throwbackthursday even though it’s Monday lol.

For the ones that have visited my website, you’ve noticed that I make pages in the menu about my travels instead of in a post. Now, I have a page of the USA but since it was a while ago I don’t exactly remember everything. So I found some photos of different years and just added them to the page for you to look at. Trust me it’s a lot! 150+ images!!

Check it out here 🙂

United States of America

Music tip for traveling!

This might be fun to read


        1. ah nice! isn’t photography fun 🙂 I started out with a D3100 back in 2010 ($300), sold it then bought the D7100 ($1200), sold that one and now I own D750 ($2600) which will help me for years 🙂 I also love the 35 and 50mm 1.8 lens they are fairly cheap ($150-$200) and they give razor sharp images!

          1. yw 😃 a lot of people shoot with the 50mm because it’s just the most sharp lens till this day and the “bokeh” you get is superb 😃