Being creative with photos and photoshop (1 min read)

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Creative with photos and Photoshop

Since I decided a few weeks ago to go back to school next year, I thought I’d try and expand my skills in photography and a bit of creative editing. I use Lightroom most of the time for post processing photos. I already am in the graphic sector but I never dug deep in the world of digital art. I’ve seen some people on Instagram that have inspired me to try this out.

So here I am spending my evening editing in Photoshop. These edits are what I could come up with. I love nature, I love animals and what would it be great to make a hell of a huge monster animal in a human world 🙂 du-du-duuun.

The photos are mine, the animals I just searched on google since I don’t have any pictures of wolfs lol.

I would love to hear what you think of the digital art world! and what you think of my attempt at it hihi.

This might be fun to read


    1. thank you ^^ my first serious try at creating something “fairytale/mystery” like with my own photos (apart from the animal photos lol)