Oh no! going back to school!

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Here is the thing. I was 20 when I finished the graphic school (audio/visual). After this I went working with the thought of 1 or 2 years and then back to school, this… never happened. I do work in the graphic business but not the audio/visual part. I do printing, mostly cards, posters, books, leaflets etc. etc. When I started… 6 years ago, I had fun in doing my job. This year though I found myself a bit lazy at work, everyone is annoying in my eyes and customers… uuugh puh-leaaaase stop, everyone whining about nothing, I can’t stand it, days are long and never ending.

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I decided this year to go back to school because I don’t want to stick around longer in this business. I chose to go to the Foto Academie Amsterdam (photo academy). Photography is a hobby of mine and I thought (yes at 26 better late than never) why not try to turn my hobby into work and maybe in the future try to combine it with traveling, after all these are the 2 things I like to do most. So my goal is finally set and I finally thought about the future, which I never really thought about before (I mean thought about seriously).

Did you already set your goal? or do you still don’t know what you want to become? let me know, maybe we can help each other and exchange uplifting, positive thoughts 🙂

Music tip for travelling. (perfect wedding song too lol)

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  1. Good luck at photography school! I found that studying in my mid-20’s was far better than back at school. I think it’s because we are doing it out of choice, in a subject that we really enjoy, rather than being confused and picking any old thing 🙂

    1. exactly! you have to choose at a very young age already (13-14) and nowadays there is just so much to choose from, its like going from diapers to career in an instant. I’ve been loving photography since high school already just never really thought about it as a job, because in high school the only things I got to see for a future career is healthcare, ICT business and being a chef cook :/ so initially I chose to be a chef cook, later on into the graphic business, and now photography 🙂 I just did what made me happy at that time not really thinking about the future 🙂

      1. I totally agree! It’s something I really want to get good at too, I think there’s something so wonderful about being able to capture the beauty of a moment, and have it to look at forever. The photos on your blog I have seen so far are great by the way. 🙂 I’m just reading your Indonesia post which is really interesting! I’m glad you’re now pursuing something that is what you want, and will compliment another passion perfectly (your travels!). 😀

        1. Over the years I have upgraded my DSLR, it’s indeed about capturing moments 🙂 I just love to give people quality photos to look at because whenever I look at a beautiful photo of some place I just wanna go there too, that’s what I’m trying to achieve with my photos, I hope one day I can combine a photography job with travelling 🙂 well tbh the Indonesia trip is also the only trip where we have really seen a lot in 3 weeks from West to East 🙂 and it was one magical experience

  2. I applaud you for choosing to go back to school! It is wonderful to follow your dreams, no matter your age. I am 31 and I still think about chasing my dreams of turning what I love into a living. Right now I work as a statistician, which I do enjoy I suppose. But in my dream world I would make a living from blogging about the things I love: cooking, baking, food photography, traveling, video games, reading, writing.

    Thank you so much for sharing this inspirational post. It is sometimes overwhelming to think about pursuing a dream as a living and how to make it happen, but it really helps to see someone else doing the same. 🙂

    1. if we all stay positive and send out positive thoughts it will definitely help other people in making their decision! on IG (whish I use 24/7) you see so many people enjoying and pursuing their dream that it made me realise that I should do it too 🙂 now I slightly understand to just do what you love, I was afraid of losing my job, because nowadays it’s so hard to get a job especially one with a contract since they don’t give that so easily anymore. but now I know I have to take risks, I hope one day to combine photography with travelling 🙂

    1. thank you ^^ appreciate it a lot! I’m trying different kinds of photo styles at the moment 🙂