The Netherlands, De Veluwe

netherlands, veluwe

It’s time for The Netherlands!

Aaand another page is done! This time my country is on the list! never thought I’d write anything about my own country but here it is. The Netherlands is actually quite amazing. It’s also the first time I’ve seen it like this lol. Click below or click in the menu at the top of the page 🙂 cheers!

De Veluwe (Veluwezoom)

Music tip for traveling:



This might be fun to read


    1. Hi thank you for stopping by! I have actually only been to Amsterdam like 3 times in my life haha. I live in the middle of The Netherlands and I always go to the city Utrecht. You can compare this to Amsterdam only it’s build closer to each other, and the city itself is a bit smaller and cosier, which I like, In summer time you can sit downstairs along the canals of Utrecht which is also very nice. Ah yes about the rain, it rains a lot here. Every week we have rain and getting closer to winter it’s going to rain more and more and icy cold winds. I followed you!

        1. some parts are and some parts are at 0. 60% of The Netherlands is below sea lvl (NAP as we call the measurement), the lowest is 7 meters below sea lvl 🙂