Gran Canaria Island Life page is done!

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Another page is done, this time the one for Gran Canaria. We’ve been here a few times already but this time we’ve actually seen something of the island lol. So this time it was worth writing about it. Click below or find it in the menu above under Europe πŸ™‚ hope you enjoy.

Gran Canaria

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  1. I’ve never really fancied Gran Canaria or the other Canary Islands as I’ve always thought they were so overly touristy but your pictures looked great! I guess you can find culture anywhere if you look for it!

    1. well the Gran Canaria is indeed reaaaaally touristic but mostly in the north Las Palmas and in the south Playa del InglΓ©s. it takes 35 minutes with the car to go from north to south along the coast, we went to the middle of the island to the highest point and it took us 2 hours since the roads are narrow in the mountains πŸ™‚ but even I didn’t expect to find this on this small island

        1. haha you should xD no just kidding I see Gran Canaria as a place to really just relax at the beach for a week, outside of the school holidays it’s fairly cheap to fly there, we usually have tickets around 80-100 euro roundtrip, of course we already have a place to stay so we don’t pay for a hotel or anyhting which makes it a cheap mid-holiday for us πŸ™‚