Oh no! going back to school!

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Here is the thing. I was 20 when I finished the graphic school (audio/visual). After this I went working with the thought of 1 or 2 years and then back to school, this… never happened. I do work in the graphic business but not the audio/visual part. I do printing, mostly cards, posters, books, leaflets etc. etc. When I started… 6 years ago, I had fun in doing my job. This year though I found myself a bit lazy at work, everyone is annoying in my eyes and customers… uuugh puh-leaaaase stop, everyone whining about nothing, I can’t stand it, days are long and never ending.

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I decided this year to go back to school because I don’t want to stick around longer in this business. I chose to go to the Foto Academie Amsterdam (photo academy). Photography is a hobby of mine and I thought (yes at 26 better late than never) why not try to turn my hobby into work and maybe in the future try to combine it with traveling, after all these are the 2 things I like to do most. So my goal is finally set and I finally thought about the future, which I never really thought about before (I mean thought about seriously).

Did you already set your goal? or do you still don’t know what you want to become? let me know, maybe we can help each other and exchange uplifting, positive thoughts 🙂

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The Netherlands, De Veluwe

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It’s time for The Netherlands!

Aaand another page is done! This time my country is on the list! never thought I’d write anything about my own country but here it is. The Netherlands is actually quite amazing. It’s also the first time I’ve seen it like this lol. Click below or click in the menu at the top of the page 🙂 cheers!

De Veluwe (Veluwezoom)

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Gran Canaria Island Life page is done!

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Another page is done, this time the one for Gran Canaria. We’ve been here a few times already but this time we’ve actually seen something of the island lol. So this time it was worth writing about it. Click below or find it in the menu above under Europe 🙂 hope you enjoy.

Gran Canaria

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England & Scotland page is up!

Hi folks!

It has been a while but the page for the England & Scotland trip is up and running including lots and lots of photos for you to enjoy! Find the page in the menu above or click below. Hope to hear some feedback or just a story you want to share, cheers to the weekend!

England & Scotland

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