Adding music to your travel playlist

Music traveling tip

From now on I will add a music tip to my posts (I’ve done this already 2 posts before). At the end of each post I will add a video from youtube from artists that I listen to. I love music, I have played the drums when I was little and I teach myself to play guitar at the moment (with the help of youtube). I love to listen to whatever sounds good in my ears. I grew up in a house where music was and still is always played in the background. We used to had a jukebox and it was always on. I grew up listening to music like The Four Tops, The Temptations, James Taylor (one of my fav.), Jim Croce and many many more of these fantastic artists. Nowadays when I’m off to work I put in my earphones when I cycle to work. When I get home I grab my guitar and play for a few minutes. We always have music playing in the background.

I love songs in every genre and from every year. I don’t judge artists by who they are I just listen to their music and I judge for myself if I like it or not. Every day again I look out for new artists to discover.

Maybe this way you guys will get to know some new great music (or not haha) to add to your traveling playlist, if you have one of course. I believe that music is the only thing that can really connect people no matter where you’re from, music is a language of the world.

Adding music to your playlist is always good, here is another one (look in my older posts for music).

I’d like to know what your music taste is or if you – like me – don’t care what genre it is as long as it sounds good. Share some music share some joy 🙂

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