Working on it!

Hi all, I have been working on getting my account to a self hosted site. It’s not going really smooth and not all the features I had on is installed here yet.

I had trouble with pointing the .com domain to the Bluehost server, it took 3 days for propagating the site so I couldn’t use it, then with installing WordPress here I got error after error, I had several chats with Bluehost and I’m very very satisfied with the help from them, if you ever want your domain to be self hosted I’d recommend going to bluehost. I never experienced such great help from a company then here. one night I spend 2,5 hour chatting with the helpdesk for setting up and resolving my problems. Now that everything’s here I’m still missing some things like photos and links that were missing while transferring the documents. I still need my stats transferred to here and I’m missing the “continue reading” button on the home page which I did had on my account, so it’s all very confusing for me and it may take a while before I’m done customising it here to the way it was.

Cheers! and thank you for your understanding.

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